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OpTuNE performs behind the scenes so you can take centre stage


The artist solution is built to make you more visible to bookers thus getting you more gigs. Plan, manage and promote your shows more efficiently so you can spend your valuable time in the spotlight. 

Why OpTuNE?

We make your life easier

Being an artist is tough enough as it is. With OpTuNE, you spend less time organizing and more time doing what you love.

Plan shows and tours quickly and easily
From the offer to the invoice, we have you covered. Optune automates your administration!
Gain visibility and get booked
You stay visible to organizers who can book you directly on OnStage (Optune takes no commission).
Maintain and expand your fan base
Sync your upcoming shows with OpTuNE's website and social media integration tools.
Collaborative workflow
Exchange booking and availability info between team members and agents in real-time.
Statistics and overview
Gain detailed insight into your bookings and finances at all times. OpTuNE's data filters make it easy.
A triple threat

Three key tools to get you noticed and booked

Booking Request Form

Generate a link to a digital form for bookers, and/or embed it into your website. They fill it out, send it back, and you get booked!

OnStage Artist Search Engine

Connected to your Optune account, OnStage puts your Artist Profile front and centre for bookers to see and hear. They need an artist, they pick you, and OpTuNE takes no commission on the booking transaction. 

Onescreener website creator

In just a few clicks, build a simple, slick site that instantly shows your fans and bookers your most important information.

Do it for your fans!

Easily promote and synchronize your gigs

Web integration

OpTuNE provides Gig Widgets to embed directly into your website, as well as a Facebook Page Tab for easily publishing your shows.

Promote gigs

OpTuNE gives you a sexy Public Artist Website and a Public Gig Website. Get noticed by bookers!

Sync with external calendars

Whether you and your team are using ical or Google Calendar, you can easily sync each of them with OpTuNE.

Be more efficient!

Here's how it works

Manage your bookings and finances from home, on the road or wherever life takes you.

The show can begin!
Get booked, plan and advertise your bookings with a few simple clicks. OpTuNE's Booking Overview and gig-publishing features keep your workflow streamlined.

Connect with your agent and team members to easily and efficiently share booking information and updates.


Gain a clear perspective on booking-related income and expenses, along with the payment method of each booking, and respective invoices.

Click on a feature to get the feeling
They've created the one thing that was missing in the life of a touring artist - apart from a good night’s sleep."

LCone | Rapper

You’re in good company

Read what OpTuNE users have to say

How does it look?

See it in action

Take a moment to watch the video, and let us introduce you to some of OpTuNE's features.

What does it cost?

Free to start

Whether you're an emerging artist or headlining the biggest festivals, OpTuNE is ready to support you through every stage of your career. 

All features excluding  contract and invoice 
Unlimited team members
Premium support
CHF 4.4/month
€ 4/month
All features included
Verified on
Unlimited team members
Premium support


All prices are calculated on the basis of a yearly subscription plan (billing annually). We also offer a monthly billing plan. Please check the different pricing models in your Agency Profile in the app.

* The Euro prices are dependent upon the daily trading course of EUR/CHF.

Need more convincing?

Further information

Instructions, advice and answers from the Optune experts.

An overview of exactly what Optune can do for you.

Keep an eye on how we're making things better for you.

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