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Spend less time on administration and more time on your artists. Booking Agent software designed for talent care.



Why OpTuNE?

We make your life easier

Manage more artists and bookings in less time, and increase your revenue.

Automated administration
From the offer to the invoice, OpTuNE has you covered. Save more than 40% of your time with our automated workflows!
Collaborative workflow
Efficiently exchange data in-app with all partners, and virtually eliminate emails.
Statistics and overview
Gain detailed insight into your bookings and financial performance. Keeping track of income and expenses is made easy.
B​ooking promotion
Our website widgets and social media integration tools let you automatically promote bookings on major channels for maximized visibility.
Made in Switzerland​
A world-wide reputation for the utmost in functionality and quality.
Work more efficiently!

We understand your process

OpTuNE's creators are experienced industry professionals who know the importance of streamlining your workflow.

When changes are made to bookings by your collaborators, you're notified in real-time, keeping everyone up-to-date.

Instant notifications

Keep track of your bookings, artists and finances via OpTuNE's bookings list and interactive calendar.

Clear overview

With just one click, the booking information is organized into a customizable contract or invoice that can be instantly shared with artists and promoters.

Contract and invoice

Enter contacts, event details and logistics, and OpTuNE automatically provides a formatted, printable itinerary. It also syncs the information with the artist's app.

Generate itinerary

Receive booking requests via OpTuNE's embeddable form, and be notified immediately.

Booking request
The show can begin!
Click on a feature to get the feeling
OpTuNE helps our Booking Agents to optimize their workflows and minimize the amount of emails sent. It’s a very visceral and self-explanatory app."

Tobias Bolfing | TOURBOmusic

You’re in good company

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How does it look?

See it in action

Take a moment to watch the video, and let us introduce you to some of OpTuNE's features like our interactive calendar, contract creator and tour planner.

How does OpTuNE work?

The ecosystem

Optune was built with collaboration and communication in mind. We've made it easy for you to gather all of your booking data, and to share it directly with your artists, promoters, location managers and partners alike. Everyone works together on the same platform at the same time.

Sync & share

Make your bookings visible


Sync with external calendars

Sync your booking information directly with your personal calendar and the calendars of your artists and business partners. Keep everyone in the loop!


Publish bookings

We provide a variety of ways to integrate upcoming bookings into your website, artists' websites, and on social media channels.


OpTuNE booking integration

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Second thoughts

Need more convincing?

On-boarding your agency is quick and easy! We'll take care of importing your data like contacts, bookings and venues, and even create customised contract and invoice templates for you. Get started with Optune without any interruptions, and see the benefits immediately.

What does it cost?


We offer excellent value at extremely competitive prices, allowing agencies of all sizes to access our services.

14-day free trial
No credit card required
Cancel at any time
 € 17/month
CHF 19/month
Up to 3 artists
1 manager login
All features included
Premium support
Basic on-boarding
CHF 59/month
 € 53/month
Unlimited artists
1 manager login
All features included
Premium support
Basic on-boarding
 € +17/month
CHF +19/month
+ 1 manager login
CHF 500
 € 450
Basic on-boarding
Booking import
Contact import
Custom contract template
Custom invoice template
 € 178
CHF 199


All prices are calculated on the basis of a yearly subscription plan (billing annually). We also offer a monthly billing plan. Please check the different pricing models in your Agency Profile in the app.

* The Euro prices are dependent upon the daily trading course of EUR/CHF.

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