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OpTuNE. The show business solution for a digital world


Collaborate, save time and gain control of booking and event management every step of the way.

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What's your role in the business?

Whether you're an artist, booking agent, promoter or location manager, OpTuNE has a solution for you. Streamline your workflow and be even better at what you do!

Why OpTuNE?

We make your life easier

Automated administration
From the offer to the invoice, OpTuNE has you covered. Save more than 40% of your time with our automated workflows!
Collaborative workflow
Efficiently exchange data in-app with all partners, and virtually eliminate emails.
Statistics and overview
Gain detailed insight into your bookings, events and financial performance. Keeping track of income and expenses is made easy.
Made in Switzerland​
A world-wide reputation for the utmost in functionality and quality.
At Echo, our team supports a diverse group of artists with demanding schedules. Optune is just the tool we need make sure that everyone's on top of their bookings, both from the artists' side and agents' side of things."

Marco Schneider | Echo Kollektiv

You’re in good company

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How does OpTuNE work?

The ecosystem

Optune was built with collaboration and communication in mind. We've made it easy for you to gather all of your booking data, and to share it directly with artists, agents, promoters, location managers and partners alike. Everyone works on the same platform at the same time.

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