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The Onescreener team is constantly making improvements for you!

Domain Hosting

Buy your custom domain name with Onescreener as your host, or connect an existing one.



SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certification to ensure that your page is safe.

Mobile Optimized

Your Onescreener site is responsive which means your design will look great on desktops and mobile devices.

Embed YouTube Videos

Display your latest music video or a sample of your live performance.

Apple Music

Stream your singles and albums from your Apple Music account, and let your fans purchase downloads.

Soundcloud Player

Got a new album or single you want the world to hear? Put it on your site!


Another great way for your music to be streamed and heard from your Onescreener site.

Spotify Streaming

Create playlists or showcase your new album and accumulate streams from your site.


Livestream your concert or update your fans in real time by embedding your Twitch account.

Booking Management Tools

This platform comes with your Onescreener and allows you to keep track of your bookings, schedules, finances and promotion.


Artist Profile

Add a link to your Artist Profile in Optune. This includes your riders, tech info and other presskit material.


Booking Request Form

Add a Book Me button to your site that directs bookers to an online form which they can use to hire you for a gig!


Upcoming Bookings

Stream the upcoming gigs that are already published in your Optune account.


Personal Touches

Your site will be noticeable on browser tabs due to Onescreener’ simple favicon image uploader.



Add icons that link to your social networks, email, booking forms, and various players. 

Logo Creator

Either upload your Artist logo or generate a new one using the integrated logo maker.


Millions of colours are at your fingertips when deciding the palette of your background, text and icons. 

Focus Point

Choose which portion of your background image that you want to be the focus of your site when it appears on different devices.

Free Text

Add a biography, updates, or a message to your fans in the form of a text block on your site. 

Ready to create?

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