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The innovative new booking platform for DJS, bookers and promoters alike
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For DJs, Bookers and Promoters

Optune is the perfect way for DJs and Bookers to manage their bookings and events. Additionally, the business of booking artists is going to be easier, more efficient and more enjoyable.

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Features for DJs

More bookings - less work.

Manage Bookings

Instantly view all your bookings and tasks at first glance. Available for both desktop and mobile devices.

Personal Hub

Using Optune, you can instantly publish any upcoming gigs on Soundcloud, Facebook, Webpages etc. Upload your artist information for your bookers to access: tech rider, hospitality rider, free dates, references, payment options etc.

Connect with Bookers

Bookers and artists on one platform. Get recommended for bookings and make arrangements in a secure and uncomplicated environment using Optune.

Use Optune and manage your bookings for free!
We only charge you when you get booked via Optune.
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Features for Bookers and Promoters

Make your booking business easy, efficient and enjoyable.

Connect with Artists

Artists upload their relevant information to Optune and allow you to access it directly for every booking: 

Free Dates, Presskit, Tech Rider, Hospitality Rider, References, Payment Options and more.

Manage events and bookings

All parties involved in a booking 
can easily view and edit information and arrangements. See the upcoming status of events or bookings at first glance.
Optune automatically creates an itinerary for every booking.


Your private data will never be made public. The safety of your data is one of our main concerns.

Book DJs and manage your event. For free!
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