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Manage your gigs easily and quickly

  • Stay organised

    Get a nice and clean look of all your bookings and automatically sync with as a private calendar such as iCal.

  • Easy to use

    Optune’s interface was simply and intuitively designed and optimised for mobile so you can manage your bookings on the go.

  • Spread the word

    Export your gigs with one click to your facebook tab or your website.

What DJs say about us

Some great DJs have been guiding us every step of the way during the development of Optune. Here are their opinions.

  • This is just the beginning

    Currently we are developing I.I. (Intelligent Index­ing) in order to re­commend you to bookers if we think they’ll like your sound.

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  • More to come in
    future releases

    Over the next year, we’ll be focus­sing on making sure DJs, bookers, pro­moters and clubs can collabor­ate in an easy and reliable way.

  • Screenshot of future features
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The heads behind Optune

  • Polaroid Foto von Tobias


    CEO & Founder

    The man behind the business already had a long history as promoter and artist manager.

  • Polaroid Foto von Simon


    Design & Development, Founder

    Our geek in residence spent countless days and nights programming in order to make your life easier with Optune.

  • Polaroid Foto von Joel


    Design & Development

    My passion is developing great new tools for you to successfully manage your bookings. Let me know if you need anything.

The heads behind Optune

  • Polaroid Foto von Patrick


    Finance & Strategy, Founder

    Makes sure the numbers add up! Dices are only thrown in the casino.

  • Polaroid Foto von Nadia


    Communications & Support

    Our fairy godmother in resident, Nadia is here to help you get started with Optune.

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  • Your turn

    Start using Optune for free today!

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